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About Wankawala
The Wankawala Organization (TWO) was started by Mihir Wankawala in 2005 to focus on hospitality and management. Mihir's original career path was not in hospitality however his love for skyscrapers, buildings in general and luxury hotels soon took over and he realized that he wanted to own real estate. Entering the hospitality industry seemed like a natural fit.
Like many in the hospitality industry our company had very humble beginnings. When we first started our knowledge was very limited. We learned by doing and were the ones covering the front desk shifts, cleaning guest rooms, conducting van runs, completing the required maintenance and performing the sales calls. We learned what makes a successful hotel is great guest experience while working with our team members. Along the way there were failures however that never stopped us, it actually gave us the motivation to keep trying harder and do it better. We learned the industry by watching others and seeing how they did things and what worked. We started out small and continue to grow.
The Wankawala Organization learned very early on and still realizes today the value of our team members and the importance of providing personal growth, respecting their views and investing in their future. We surrounded ourselves with some of the best talent in the hospitality industry and learned from their expertise. In the beginning, we attended every convention, trade show, seminar and listened to the advice being given. We continue to further our horizons today and broaden our knowledge by surrounding ourselves with right people, associations and attending events.
The Wankawala Organization believes in giving back to the community. Today this is done through many different ways. Each of the hotels selects a charity of their choice and the entire staff gets involved. The company gives each team member paid time off to be involved within the charity of choice. The company also contributes financially to support events in the communities of where our hotels are located.
For our investors, we put their interest before our own. Being honest and transparent, with ourselves, our team members, the communities we serve and to our investors is the key ingredient that makes The Wankawala Organization.
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